weekend scenes | no. 01

weekend scenes

Happy Monday! Hope you had a nice Easter weekend. Ours was busy, and so much fun. Friday was the most beautiful day we’ve had since being here in England. Sunny, warm, and bright! We enjoyed brunch at our favorite place in town, and even got to sit outside! I am now even more ready for spring.

Friday evening Andy had an away match, so I drove (yes, all by myself! I’m really getting a hang of this whole driving on the wrong side of the road thing) about an hour and a half to Peterborough to watch. Some friends met me there, and it was great to see them!

In other news… I cut my hair! Apparently moving countries wasn’t quite enough change for this girl, because I went for it and got myself a new style (and fresh color too)! I was a little freaked at first, I must say, but after getting used to it a bit, I am loving it so much. It’s so easy to just throw in some messy curls, yet it still feels polished and fun!

Saturday and Sunday were spent at Andy’s parent’s house in the Cotswolds with family and friends. The weather was a bit rainy, but it was still such a lovely time full of lots of Cadbury eggs, fun games (Settlers of Catan, anyone?!), trips to the pub (The Snooty Fox is our fave), and beautiful dog walks (isn’t that view unreal?!).

Our first holiday in the UK. And a memorable one at that! Hope you have a wonderful week.