today’s the day!


Well… today’s post has been a long time coming!

After months of secret blogging… Not to mention years of contemplating the idea of even starting a blog… Plus trying to get the hang of this whole thing (wordpress and photoshop are no joke!)… I’m excited to finally share this little passion project of mine with friends and family, and anyone else who wants to follow along!

I’ve been anxiously anticipating but also nervously avoiding this day for a few weeks now. You know, pressing publish is way less daunting when you know that no one is actually reading on the other end (except maybe your mom, sister and husband ;). Eventually I realized that I may never feel 100% ready… But so what? Why not today? It’s time to say cheers. Cheers to new adventures, new challenges, and to taking a leap, even if it feels a little bit scary!

This blog has come at the perfect time in my life. After getting married to my college sweetheart in January and moving our little family of three to England immediately after, Andy, Roo, and I have just embarked on a new and exciting chapter! Documenting our lives and adventures through pictures is something I’ve always loved to do, and I’m excited to finally have a platform to share those stories.

And I want to make one thing clear… This isn’t about creating a life that just looks good on the outside, but living one that truly feels good on the inside. Cheers from the Roses is all about finding and celebrating the little details in the every day, by creating a collection of all the people, places, and things that bring me inspiration on a daily basis. Family, travel, style, decor, food, fitness, beauty.

I am happiest when I feel inspired. And I want my blog to reflect these passions of mine, as well as celebrate life’s most special moments and experiences along the way. So feel free to take a peek around… My hope is that this blog can bring a smile to your face and make you feel inspired in some way, whether big or small, as well.

Enjoy… and cheers from the Roses! 🙂

{ special thanks to Courtney, of PoppyJack Shop, for creating my beautiful, hand-lettered logo! }