sister talk: planners.

I’m super excited to be introducing a new series to the blog today… and even more excited to introduce you to one of my favorite people… my sister, Kerry!

My sister  is my best friend. If I’m not with Andy, you can usually find me with Kerry. We went to college together, we have all the same friends (aka I tagged along all the time growing up and through college ;), she introduced me to my husband, we lived together at UCLA, we’ve traveled the world together, she was my maid of honor and helped me plan my dream wedding, and she has played such a big role in the creation and launch of  Cheers from the Roses. (Fun fact: did you know Kerry is the unofficial Team Cheers editor, social media manager, business consultant, agent, and part-time photographer? Talk about TEAM WORK.) None of this would be possible without her!

When we were growing up and fighting as sisters often do,  my parents would always say, “one day you’re going to realize how lucky you are to have each other.” Well they were right (surprise, surprise). Not only is Kerry one of my biggest supporters, but she is my go-to gal when it comes to anything! We talk about everything from clothes, hair, and beauty… to fitness and nutrition… to ways we can be more organized, travel tips, advice… you name it! There is no one I trust more when it comes to all these things.

So we thought it would be fun to share some of our favorite sister chats and topics here, with you guys! Welcome to the first edition of…


First up, we’re discussing one of our most favorite things… planners!

Okay, that probably sounds dorky. But if you’re anything like us, then you love all things cute stationary and pretty paper products… And you’ve probably been known to spend a tad too long in places like Paper Source. 😉 So today we are rounding up some of our favorite planners for 2017! Now is the perfect time to pick-up a cute new organizer as brands like Rifle Paper, BanDo and SugarPaper have released their August 2016-December 2017 collections. Feels like Christmas!



I recently bought myself this Rifle Paper one to serve as my blog planner (pictured above), and I am loving it. I really love the binder-style and the handy pocket to stick receipts and documents when I’m on the go… But it’s not big or bulky at all, which makes it easy to throw in my bag.

I also use this one as my everyday planner (also pictured above)… and even Andy loves having it to reference. Kerry has this cute little Ban.Do one to supplment her Google calendar (pictured below). It’s a great size if you are looking for something small but still functional.. And it doesn’t hurt that it looks cute on her white desk!



One thing to mention. With all of the different calendar and organization apps nowadays, we totally realize there’s less of a need for physical planners. But we really feel there’s just something therapeutic and affirming about writing things down, pen and paper, old school style. And in a cute floral or striped planner that makes you feel good? SOLD! Maintaining an organized planner is the number one way we stay organized and productive, and the easiest way to enjoy that process. As two big “to-do” list gals, we find that we are more likely to follow through and knock stuff out if we write it down in our planners (and can then cross it off after!).




So if you’re feeling like you want to be a bit more organized heading into the fall, or just need a little pretty pick-me-up… then check out some of our faves below! We promise, once you start using a good old fashioned planner again, you’ll wonder how you ever survived without it.


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