our proposal story.

Seattle will always hold a special place in our hearts. It is where Andy’s professional soccer career began… the place where the two of us lived together for the first time (our first apartment and first house!)… the home where we started this little family of ours (enter Roo!)… and the city where we got ENGAGED!


Andy and I got engaged on October 11th, 2014 (2 years ago today!)…which happened to mark 5 years that we had been together. (October has always been one of my favorite months.. and now even more so!)  My sister was in town for the weekend… which I didn’t think twice of as she visits all the time! And the weekend was going like any other… Andy had a game, we hung out with friends, did a little shopping, went out for some yummy meals. The usual sister things. On Saturday the three of us made our way to our favorite little cafe in Queen Anne for lunch and afterwards headed to Kerry Park to show Kerry (funny coincidence!) the beautiful views of the Seattle skyline. Unbeknownst to me, this was all a part of a grand plan! It was here, at this gorgeous park overlooking the city we called home for three years, that Andy got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! I don’t remember a word of what he said (and neither does he by the way!).. but it was just perfect all the same.


One of my favorite photos is of Andy holding the ring box behind his back right before he got down on one knee… Kerry had been carrying the ring in her purse all day long and had just done the hand-off! These two are sneaky!!! And had been in cahoots for weeks. It meant so much to have my sister there. Just exactly how I had always imagined. Man is he good. (She is the reason we are together after all!)

He also earned major bonus points by having a photographer document the entire thing. With both of our families living so far away, Andy knew it would mean so much to me and to all of them to be able to share this special moment with them through these photos. (Again, he is good. And so thoughtful. I’m a lucky girl.) And how fun to get to re-live one of the best days of our lives whenever we want! I will forever love and cherish these photos.

The first thing we did post-proposal was stop off at a coffee shop to facetime my mom and dad (all the way in Norway!), as well as Andy’s family, to share the big news! (Of which they already knew ;)) Later that evening, we celebrated with our best friends, and shared our story as well as all of the photos. I just remember being so, so happy! My face hurt from smiling so much. 🙂 I am still blown away by all the love and thoughtfulness that went into planning such a special day. It really was the perfect proposal, and a moment in my life that I will never forget. 

{ photos by ShodaLove Photography }