new year, new adventure!

Happy New Year, friends! Life has been crazy crazy crazy lately. The last few weeks have been spent packing and getting organized as we are officially moving to VANCOUVER in the new year! We are leaving the UK after three years with some amazing memories, even better friends, and of course our wee Scottish boy! We’re so excited for our next adventure.

Even with all of this going on, I can’t help but reflect on what a great year 2018 was. It’s been amazing watching our little Jacky boy grow (I still can’t believe he’s ONE!) and we’ve made some incredible memories together as a family. Of course I didn’t blog nearly as much as I intended to (there’s always next year! ;)), but these photos we took back in the summer are without a doubt my favorites of the whole year! These pictures make me so happy and so grateful for the life we’ve created together. I just love them so much. By now you know that I love taking pictures, and am constantly snapping pics of Jack, but we don’t have many photos of the three of us! So this really was the first time we got some pictures as a family of three, thanks to Kimber! I’m already asking Andy when we can do another family photo shoot because I feel like Jack is sooo much bigger in just the six months since these were taken! Time slow down!! Not to mention, we need our Roo Roo in the next set of family photos! (He was still in the UK when these photos were taken.) So I guess stay tuned for family photos in our new home of Vancouver in 2019!!!

Huge thank you to Kimber for these gorgeous photos that we will cherish forever!