monday mornings.


My favorite Monday morning routine is to wake up, put on a good spotify playlist, light a few candles around the house, make myself a latte, and scroll through pinterest for some inspiration for my week. This is also the time that I go over our schedule in my planner (this is the one I use for Andy and me, and this one for my blog), make a to-do list, and meal plan for the week. It’s the perfect way to ease into the week, clear my head, and get organized and inspired for the upcoming week! What is your favorite morning routine?!

a little inspiration for your week from around the web…

:: I made this crock pot chicken enchilada soup for dinner last night.. so yummy and easy! Highly recommend if you’re in need for an easy meal this week.

:: The best apps for planning your next trip.

:: 15 decor crimes from popular movies and TV shows. This one made me laugh. Totally guilty of scoping out the decor in movies and shows 🙋🏼.

:: Baked pumpkin cinnamon sugar donuts. Um, yes please.

:: Copper solo cups. Genius.

:: Building the perfect cheese plate. A very important life skill.

:: I’m all about neutral hues, especially warm tans, for fall. I just got a jacket similar to this one and can’t wait to wear it on my sister trip to NYC and Toronto!


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