life lately | no. 01.

IMG_2175I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Moving is no joke. And there have definitely been moments over the last couple months where Andy and I have wondered if staying in Seattle would’ve been easier. Probably so. From having to pack up our entire house just 3 days after our wedding (with a lot of help from my amazing mom who is an expert when it comes to moving) while Andy headed to England… to putting our pup Roo on a 9 hour flight for the first time… this move has been nothing short of stressful! And now here we are, still waiting on all of our belongings… 11 weeks since the moving truck left with our entire life in tow. We still have 2 more weeks to go, and I may or may not be going a little crazy. I’m just so anxious to decorate our house and make it really feel like home! And get to open and start using all of our wedding gifts! Not to mention, it’s going to feel like Christmas morning when I get to see all my clothes and shoes again! I’ve forgotten what I even own by now haha.

In the meantime, we’ve been enjoying exploring our new home and have found some favorite spots. Pretty pubs, coffee shops, and cafes. Andy and I also love finding new parks and walks that we can do with Roo. And last week we found the most beautiful park with panoramic views of the English countryside. We had to keep Roo on the leash though because there were tons of sheep, and Roo wanted to play with them! haha. I miss living near the lake, but the English countryside is slowly winning me over!

So, has the move been stressful? Yes. Has it required a lotttttt of patience? For sure. But has it been worth it? Definitely. Andy and I both grew up moving around, and while we loved Seattle and it felt like home, we were both ready for a new adventure.. together, as husband and wife! It’s been so fun to see where he grew up, and be close to his friends and family. I think we’ll always look back on this chapter of our lives as a wonderful one.