jack’s nursery.

I’m super excited to share pictures of Jack’s newborn nursery today! There isn’t much to it really, but I just love it. Jack’s room was, without a doubt, my favorite room in this house. We’ve since moved, but I will always love this sweet little space and cherish the memories we made in it. From late night feedings and diaper changes, to tummy time, and first smiles and giggles… so much happened in this room! When I was pregnant, I would just go and sit in the chair and try to imagine what life would be like with our little one! 🙂 I just always loved how calm and peaceful this room felt.

I knew I wanted to keep the color palette super neutral and soft- lots of white and grays. Then bring in a little bit of color and pattern with blankets and toys and things like that! Also, how cute is the little fireplace?! Such a fun bonus for the space. This room is actually huge, and got the best natural light through those gorgeous windows! I loved how bright, open and spacious it felt.

Because of our lifestyle and the fact that we aren’t really settled anywhere at this point in our lives, it didn’t make sense to spend a ton on furniture and big pieces, knowing that we’ll just be moving again and probably not taking many of these pieces with us. So we opted for good ol’ Ikea! Of course I have my dream nursery all planned out in my head for a time when we are more settled… but for now, these Ikea pieces have worked out well for us! Highly recommend if you are working on a budget.

The dresser is a nursery staple and was great for storage and served as Jacks’s changing table in those early days. I had plans to change out the knobs for some simple brass pulls but never got around to it. The crib is minimal and simple, which was exactly what I was looking for. I ended up painting the rails white myself and really love how it turned out. The chair is also Ikea! Ideally I would’ve loved a glider, but this chair paired with my gold pouf that we already had did the job perfectly!

My favorite part of this room definitely has to be the little bookshelf area in the corner. When we moved in, there was nothing in that random little alcove… so I (begrudgingly) convinced the hubby to hang some shelves to make the area useful. It worked out great because there’s actually no closet in this room so it served as much needed storage, plus it was fun to style with all of Jack’s cute little things. 🙂 The adorable pom pom bins were a gift from my mom. She knew how much I’ve always loved them for a nursery, and brought them with her when she came over when Jack was born! They are so great for storing toys, swaddles, and the big one is the cutest hamper ever!

For the rest, I honestly ended up just shopping my very own home! A lot of the pieces you see were things we already had. The blanket ladder, the bench under the windows, the pouf, the art prints, the wooden star above his crib, the pillows, the lamp, and the mirror! Of course I could’ve gone crazy buying new things to decorate his room (there’s such cute baby stuff out there!!!!), but simply re-purposing things that we already had around the house was the perfect solution.

So there you have it! Jack’s very first room. A sweet space for our sweet boy. In our new place, I’ve swapped some of the softer colors for more masculine color (navy and blues) now that he’s a bit older… and already have visions for what his space will look like as he continues to grow! More on that later though, I suppose! 🙂

PS – these photos were taken back in May before we moved out of our house, and I can’t get over how much Jack has grown!!! 



Little Unicorn gray and white stripe quilt
Gold heart print
World print
Jellycat Elephant
Jellycat Lion
Cuddle & Kind Noah dog
Wood star wall decor
Gray side table
Mini table lamp
Gold leather pouf
You are Loved wood displays
Diaper pail
Activity gym
Pom-pom canvas bins
Blanket ladder
Changing table