jack rose grows… a 6 month update.

And just like that, our blonde-haired, blue-eyed, chunky-thighed, happy, smiley, sweet Jacky boy is SIX MONTHS OLD! I can hardly believe just how quickly these past six months have flown by. The best six months of our lives, that’s for sure. Anyways, I thought I’d share an update and catch you all up on life with Jack Robert.

Our first month with Jack was a magical blur. I still can’t believe he was that tiny once. For those of you that read all about Jack’s birthday in my last post, you know that my mom was there for it all! She also stayed to help out for the first month and I’m not quite sure I could’ve done it without her! Adjusting to life as a new mom can be hard, so having the support, love, and encouragement of my mom for these early days was the biggest blessing. It was also just so nice to have a companion throughout the day while Andy was at work (because postpartum hormones are a real thing!).  With all that being said, we couldn’t be luckier. Jack has always been such a good baby. By one month, he was eating and sleeping like a champ, weighing 9 lbs 9.5 oz at three weeks and spoiling us with 5-7 hour stretches at nighttime. All I can say is God must give you what you can handle, because Lord knows both Andy and I need our sleep ;). We didn’t really venture out all that much in the first few weeks. It was nice to kind of just stay in our own little newborn bliss bubble for awhile. One month old Jack loves bathtime, looking up at his crib mobile, and napping on mommy and daddy’s chest. And was already giving us a few adorable side smiles! Other highlights of Jack’s first month… going to his very first game of daddy’s! The semifinal of the SPFL Betfed Cup at Hampden Park vs. Rangers. Decent first game, I’d say! And Jack must be daddy’s good luck charm because Motherwell won and went on to play Celtic in the finals. Pretty sure this boy has plenty of football matches in his future ;).

Two months with our little star. The smiliest little guy you will ever see. It was such a fun month watching Jack’s personality come out more and more, and hearing those adorable little coos. The cutest is when he smiles so big and tries to giggle, but ends up getting the hiccups. He still loves cuddles and loves to be held, and that is just fine by mommy! Still eating well too (although I got my first bout of mastitis this month which was not very fun). But wee Jack, as they call him here in Scotland :), is healthy and growing and that’s all that matters! Weighing 11 lbs 12 oz at 6 weeks. Everyone says Jack looks exactly like Andy, and I can’t argue! I love that he is his little mini me and hope it stays that way forever. Other highlights of month two… getting his UK passport, a visit from aunt Kiki, and our first road trip down to England to introduce Jack to our family and friends! We love showing him off! I think we’re starting to get a hang of this whole parenthood thing… 😉

Three months with our sweet little buddy! Who is becoming quite the little chunk with the squishiest thighs and yummiest cheeks. Wee Jack weighed 13 lbs 5 oz at 10 weeks. There is nothing better than seeing Jack smile. And we will basically do anything to see it! He loves carrying on conversations with the cutest coos and sighs. We definitely noticed a big difference this month in that Jack was more content to just hang out and take in everything around him. It’s so fun to see the world through his little eyes! Jack also LOVES to stand up on his legs, and gets so proud of himself when he does. The best of all was hearing his precious giggle for the very first time on Boxing Day! Melt my heart. Month three was a BIG one for Jack. We did lots more exploring… the Ayrshire coast and Edinburgh! AND Jack went on his very first flight to Toronto to meet his cousins and see his uncle win the MLS Cup (more soccer games! HA). We also went and visited aunt Kiki in Nuremberg, Germany and got to check out the Christmas markets! Other highlights of month three… a visit from aunt Georgia, uncle Keith, and cousin Dylan all the way from Seattle and of course Jack’s very first Christmas which we spent with Andy’s parents here in Scotland! Jack is truly our greatest gift and we feel so lucky.

Time is flying by… our little world traveler is four months old! We had the best month visiting some of our favorite places and introducing Jack to some of our favorite people. We spent the majority of the month in California at Grammy and Baba’s house and Jack loved being outdoors in the warm sunshine! Who can blame him?! 😉 Everyone says that Jack is just the happiest, smiliest baby they’ve ever seen. And he just has such a sweet disposition. He loves to play with all his new toys, reaching and grabbing for anything and everything! More than anything though, he just loves to hang out and be a part of things. Then he takes a little catnap and does it all over again! He’s still giving us long stretches at nighttime, going down sometime around 9pm and typically wakes up between 5 and 6 am for a feeding, and then goes back to sleep until around 8:30am. And still growing like a weed, too.. weighing 15 lbs 2 oz at a little over four months. Other highlights of month four… Jack meeting his great grandparents in New Jersey. Jack is the best little travel partner I could ever ask for!

These photos sum up Jacky boy at five months perfectly… hands in his mouth and Roo Roo by his side! Jack started teething at 4.5 months, and despite a few rough nights (that may or may not have ended with him in bed with us… oops ;)), he’s still his happy, smiley self all day long! He makes the funniest noises, squeaks, and screeches… and gets especially silly and cute right before bedtime. The cutest thing this month has been watching Jack and Roo’s relationship grow. Jack has taken such an interest in Roo, and loves to watch his every move and reach for him… and Roo would lick him all day long if we let him! These two are going to be trouble together, I just know it. Jack has found his toes and is always grabbing them and trying to put them in his mouth. He can’t really be bothered to roll over much even though he’s done it before (daddy says it’s a useless skill anyways ;)), and much prefers standing up on his legs and likes to practice sitting up too! This month we transitioned Jack into his crib AND into his own room. And he’s done great! He’s still quite the little cat napper, however. But I can’t really complain because he’s been sleeping through the night for a while now. We’ve also gradually made his bedtime a bit earlier, which has been nice so Andy as I can hang out and unwind for a bit before we go to bed too. Our favorite part of the day is definitely when daddy’s home and we’re all cooking dinner together and having a dance party in the kitchen. Other highlights of month five… celebrating daddy’s birthday and Valentine’s day with dinner in Glasgow and Jack’s very first snow day! We just love to hear his adorable little laugh and could kiss those chubby cheeks all day long!

And now here we are! A half of a year with our Jacky boy! My goodness, I can hardly believe it. Looking at the photos and seeing how much he has grown is almost too much for my mama heart. But each day with our boy is sweeter than the last. Jack is so go-with-the-flow and makes everyday so fun and full of joy. He lights up the room with his cheeky little two-toothed grin! Daddy definitely gets the biggest smiles, especially when he gets home from training! It’s so special to watch their bond grow. Playing peekaboo is his absolute favorite thing ever and always gets lots of giggles, too! He’s rolling over and scooting around his play mat more and more. Our wee Jack weighed 15 lbs 10 oz at 5.5 months and has started on some solids in the last few days! So far sweet potatoes are his fave! I’ve also just transitioned from breastfeeding to formula which was bittersweet for me for sure. I will miss those sweet moments with my baby boy and am proud of myself for sticking it out for so long despite some bumps along the way, but being able to give him a bottle (or have Andy do so!) is so nice. And he seems to love it! In terms of a schedule, I’ve never stressed too much about sticking to anything too rigid. Instead, we tend to follow a general routine… and what I love most about this is that it’s flexible. It’s our hope that Jack can always be pretty easy-going and adapt on the go! Lately he takes three naps a day… usually one of them is a bit longer (on a good day haha)… and then he goes down for the night around 7:30/8 pm until about 7am. He really is such a good boy! Other highlights of month six with Jack: my very first Mother’s day and another trip down to England to see Andy’s family and friends.

Jack truly is our pride and joy and we couldn’t possibly love him any more! Reminding myself everyday to be present and soak up every second with my little buddy as time seems to be going way too fast. xo