jack is ONE!

Happy first birthday to our sweet Jacky boy! At 10:26 am on September 28th, 2017, I became a mama to the most perfect baby boy. I can hardly believe it’s been a whole year since this little one came into our lives. Best year ever. I feel so lucky today, and everyday, that I get to be his mommy. Although I have moments where I wish he could stay little forever, there really is nothing more special in this world than watching your baby grow. We couldn’t be more proud of the happy, sweet, loving boy that he is.

On the morning of Jack’s birthday, we decorated his room and let him play around in his crib with all the balloons while we sang happy birthday over and over (and snapped these cute pics!). He absolutely loved it! I’m thinking this may have to be a birthday morning tradition. And these may be some of my favorite pictures of him ever. My big one year old. 😭 I can’t believe how much I love him.

Stay tuned for more pictures from Jack’s birthday weekend! xo