coffee table stylin’.

Whenever I visit my sister, she always gives me full reign to re-style and spruce up her apartment. Which I love and have so much fun doing. (It doesn’t hurt that she has the cutest little apartment in San Francisco!) This time we decided to tackle her coffee table! While often overlooked, coffee tables are a great way to add a bit of personality to your space. Not to mention styling a coffee table is one of the quickest, easiest, and most inexpensive things you can do if you’re feeling in the mood for a refresh!



Styling a coffee table can be tricky. (Round coffee tables are even trickier.) So finding the right balance is key. My best trick for styling a coffee table is to create 3 groupings/vignettes. It takes some mixing and matching and fiddling around to find the winning combo… but that’s all part of the fun! (Well at least for me ;))


So whether it’s shopping your own home (one of my favorite things to do!) or hitting up the cute home stores in your neighborhood…  here’s what you’ll need for that perfectly styled coffee table….

First things first. Books.

Always start with a small stack of books. Scour your shelves for the cute coffee table worthy ones. (Or purchase a new one…or two…or three!) Books are a great way to add some color and interest, and are the best for layering! For Kerry’s place, we picked up a copy of Elements of Style to add to her collection. Cute, adds some pattern, and matches her style! Perfect.




Next. Add a tray, bowl, or decorative dish.

…depending on the size and shape of your coffee table and how much space you have to work with. Kerry’s coffee table is on the smaller side, so we ended up going with this little striped decorative dish to layer on top of the stack of books. If you have more space to work with, a tray or bowl is great… and super functional too! This is where you can stash those little knick-knacks (remote controls, coasters, matches… whatever it may be) while still keeping it organized and chic!




Here comes the fun part! Add a sculptural element…

Maybe something tall or curvy… or something interesting and quirky. Anything to add some interest and/or height. Get creative and have fun with it! Kerry happened to have this gold mercury glass vase which adds a touch of glam and a bit of edge to her overall simple and sophisticated space.



…And don’t be afraid to layer in some little bits and baubles!

A yummy candle. A paper-weight. A magnifying glass. Place items on top of or next to your books. Play around until you find that perfect balance of your 3 groupings… and really, until you love it and it feels right to you! 



The final touch? Fresh flowers.

Because what is better than fresh flowers? A small plant or greenery works too! Maybe a cool terrarium with some succulents if you want something that will last a bit longer. This will just pull the whole thing together… I promise.



…And VOILA! There you have it. The perfectly styled coffee table. Simple and pretty without too much fuss.