honeymoon diaries | part one.

Honey, I’m home! After 7.5 weeks of waiting for my UK visa to be processed, I am finally home with Andy and Roo! I had the best summer in San Francisco with my sister (and there may even be a few more SF posts comin’ your way ;)… but it feels so good to be back with my little family. I missed them so much!

So… in honor of being reunited with my husband, we’re  so excited to finally be sharing all about our incredible honeymoon to the M A L D I V E S! (Get ready for picture overload!) We had the most amazing time and I have moments where I still can’t even believe the trip was real. It was so dreamy and perfect in every possible way. So without further ado…

Honeymoon planning proved to be a bit tricky for us with a potential move to England in the cards. We knew we most likely weren’t going to be able to go on a trip until well after the wedding… and it wasn’t even until a couple months after we got married and were settled into our new home in England that we really began researching locations and planning our dream honeymoon. And while there are so many places on our bucket list… in the end we couldn’t think of any place dreamier for our honeymoon than the Maldives!


One of the first things we did when the time came was visit a travel agent. And it ended up being the best thing we did! There are sooooo many islands and resorts in the Maldives, it can be overwhelming. And they helped us prioritise what we wanted in our dream honeymoon and choose the perfect place in our budget. In the end we couldn’t have been happier with Meeru Island Resort and Spa. We chose Meeru because it seemed like the perfect happy medium. Based on our research, it didn’t seem too big or hectic, yet there was still plenty to do (pool, tennis, golf, soccer field, water activities, etc.). And in the end we loved it just for that. There were plenty of spots on the island that felt secluded, quiet, and peaceful (whether it was the deck of our room overlooking the beautiful blue lagoon, or private spots on the beach)… but at the same time you could head to the pool for a bit more life… and there were different things going on on the island throughout the day and at night (Andy even played in a guest vs. staff soccer game ;).

IMG_4851-honeymoonIMG_4908-honeymoon IMG_4877-honeymoon

snorkelling right off our deck.


hangin’ poolside. piña colada please!


our favorite quiet spot on the beach.


catching up on some reading ;).


island soccer game followed by a dip in the ocean… happy hubby.


In so many ways, I don’t think you can go wrong in the Maldives… it’s just SO beautiful (we kept saying that we can’t even believe a place like that exists and is REAL). But our experience was pretty spectacular. The staff were so friendly, kind, and helpful, and truly made our stay that much better, the food was yummy (there were plenty of options between the all-inclusive restaurants plus some additional restaurants on the island), our room was amazing, and we loved the overall vibe of the island. One of the best surprises upon arrival to the island was walking up to our room.. we had been upgraded to an over-the-water jacuzzi villa! We had our own private deck with stairs leading down to the turquoise waters, an open air bathroom with a rainfall shower, and a private back deck complete with our very own jacuzzi. Not bad 😉


the best surprise! …walking up to our bungalow.


decent little view!


morning dip.


the prettiest sunsets i’ve ever seen.


We were a little hesitant about choosing the Maldives at first because high season is December through March, and spring is technically rainy season on the islands. But our travel agent assured us that while there may be some rain, there would still be plenty of warm sunshine… And she was right. When it rained, it rained hard and was over pretty quickly. And in the end, the showers and scattered clouds were almost a welcome retreat from the 80+ degree temperatures and hot sun.. and were kind of peaceful and beautiful in a way! We even got massages at the beautiful spa one rainy morning. And it was heavenly.

IMG_4458-honeymoon IMG_4583-honeymoon

rainy morning in paradise.

IMG_4678-honeymoonIMG_4670-honeymoon IMG_4679-honeymoon

couples massage at the beautiful spa… yes please!


Our experience was everything we hoped for and more (…and we didn’t even completely break the bank!). We ended up going with an all-inclusive plan, which I was must say was pretty awesome not having to worry about a thing the entire week. We definitely recommend Meeru Island Resort and Spa and already want to plan our next trip back!


More honeymoon (outfit) details & photos to come… Stay tuned for part two! 🙂