copenhagen travel diary.

Earlier in September, Andy had a rare weekend off so we decided to take full advantage and go on a little family trip to Copenhagen! Copenhagen is a city we’ve both wanted to visit for some time. Have you ever just known you are going to love a place so much before you even get there?! Well this city definitely lived up to our big expectations! It’s such a relaxed, down to earth, and stylish place, with an amazing food scene and coffee shop culture. Yes please! We just loved the whole vibe of this city! It was one of those places that we left and said “we could live there”… which is why I’m so excited to share a bit about what we did, where we stayed, and what we ate while in Copenhagen!

We stayed at the Axel Guldsmeden in the Vesterbro neighborhood. Which I would definitely recommend! It’s the perfect location… just next to the train station (which we took to/from the airport) and also walking distance to just about anything and everything in the city! Not your typical Scandinavian style hotel, but definitely has a cool, unique vibe with it’s rustic, boho inspired decor… and the restaurant is really great too!

Ok first up… Nyhavn! Nyhavn is the super cute waterfront canal with all the picturesque, colorful old buildings… aka where almost all these pictures were taken! It gets a bit crowded and touristy (for obvious reasons) but it’s just so charming and lovely! We had so much fun wandering around and taking photos here.

Torvehallerne is a buzzing food hall located right in the middle of the city center with just about everything you can think of. Coffee, pastries, juice, sandwiches, burgers, fish, meats and cheeses, pizza, flowers… everything! We had such a fun little afternoon having a little wander around and trying some different things. Coffee Collective is a must if you’re a coffee-lover! There’s a few locations around the city, including a stall at Torvehallerne. We also cannot recommend the Danish pastries and cinnamon rolls at Laura’s Bakery enough!!!

We went to Buzz Kaffebar on our first morning in Copenhagen. It’s perfect for coffee, breakfast, lunch, or just a little snack. And is nestled in a cute and quiet little neighborhood right in the city. We loved it here and I snapped these pictures of Andy and Jack which are probably my favorite of the whole trip.

Mad & Kaffe is another yummy cafe that has perfected the whole hygge thing. We walked in on a slow Monday morning to little votive candles lit at every table and had the yummiest ‘mix and match’ style brunch. Eggs, bacon, breads, pastries, yogurt and granola.. you can pick and choose as many items as you want to make your own perfect breakfast plate! I think there’s a bunch of different places like this around the city (Wulff & Konstali is supposed to be great too!)… Mad & Kaffe just happened to be close to our hotel so it worked out perfectly for us! Main takeaway of the trip is that the Danes definitely know how to do breakfast/brunch!!! And I just loved how every place you go just feels so cozy and inviting.

Norrebro is a cool, artsy neighborhood just on the other side of the lakes with tons of restaurants, coffee shops, stores and boutiques. Had we had one more day, we probably would’ve spent more time here but it was still fun to wander around a bit!

Last but not least… Tivoli Gardens! You guys, we had soooooo much fun here with Jack. It is probably a place we wouldn’t have thought about going to if it weren’t for Jack… but in the end it was probably the highlight of our whole trip! It is the cutest, most charming little amusement park I’ve ever seen with such an old-school, vintage vibe…. and it was just magical at night with all of the lights! We went one afternoon and took Jack on a few rides… the carousel and the vintage cars were his faves!… and then stayed for dinner. There are a bunch of restaurants or the food hall has tons of yummy options. Honestly we had the best time and no joke I cried tears of joy watching Jack and Andy on the vintage car ride 😂… my mama heart was just soooo happy! I wish I had taken more pictures here, but apparently we were having too much fun.

We had the best trip! I just love travelling with my little family. It really is my dream come true. And Copenhagen is now definitely one of my favorite cities! That’s all for now… if you need me, I’ll just be over here trying to perfect the art of hygge in my own home! 😉

PS… huge thanks to my world traveller sister who had been to Copenhagen a few weeks before us and gave us the best recommendations for our trip!