ciao lake como!

At the end of May (where has this summer gone?!), Kerry and I made plans to meet up for a little sister trip somewhere in Europe… the perks of living abroad! We were calling it our own little sister babymoon, because that’s totally a thing, right? Anyways, with there being so many amazing options of where to go and what to do on this side of the world, we spent quite some time researching the perfect place (we’re both very indecisive so this was not easy!). We knew we wanted to go somewhere with gorgeous views and a more relaxed vibe where we could explore a bit but also just enjoy the summer sunshine. Oh, and somewhere with good food of course (per the preggo’s request 🙋🏼). In the end, we decided on Lake Como.. and let me just tell you, it did not disappoint. Best sister trip to date. Check out some of our favorite photos below as well as some recommendations if you ever find yourself in this gorgeous part of Italy!

Our journey began with a short flight to Milan, where we then caught the train to the city of Como, which is located at the bottom of massive Lake Como. From here, we took the fast ferry service up to Bellagio, where we would spend a few days. Ferry is definitely the best and easiest way to get from town to town around the lake, and is a great way to take in the sights along the way! Keep an eye out for Clooney’s house ;). As soon as we were on board the ferry, we knew this place was special. The breathtaking views were some of the most gorgeous we’ve ever seen.

Bellagio is known as the pearl of Lake Como, and probably the most popular and touristy of all the towns around the lake. There are lots of restaurants and cafes, shops, and hotels along the water. It has both the glitz and the charm. We decided to spend two nights here and stayed at a little hotel called Hotel Suisse which is right along the main waterfront when you arrive off the ferry. We weren’t expecting much from the hotel… to be honest, most things were booked up already and we were just looking for something inexpensive (some of the hotels and resorts around the lake look amazingly luxurious if you can splurge!). But I must say, we were pleasantly surprised with our little hotel! It wasn’t anything fancy, but the location was great and it was simple and perfect for our two night stay in Bellagio.

The one afternoon we decided to venture over to Varenna, another popular little town just across the way from Bellagio. We arrived for lunchtime and had the nicest meal right along the water, walked around a bit after, and finished off our Varenna experience with some gelato of course! We loved the more quaint, beachy vibe of this colorful little village.

After a few days of exploring Bellagio and Varenna, we were ready to just relax in the Italian sunshine. So we headed across the lake to Menaggio where we checked into the stunning Grand Hotel Menaggio for our final few days on Lake Como. We splurged a bit more on this hotel, but it is still relatively affordable compared to some of the resorts around the lake, especially for how gorgeous it is! Highly recommend this hotel. Our itinerary consisted of solely sitting by the pool which overlooks the lake… and it was glorious. The little market town of Menaggio is also super cute and worth seeing.

In terms of where to eat… honestly, you can’t go wrong. You’re in Italy and the food almost everywhere will be amazing, I promise. Pasta for lunch and dinner? YES please! My biggest tip would be to avoid the usual touristy traps, and instead wander down side streets in search of small, charming places with a nice atmosphere. Some of our favorite meals were at places like these! My other tip… eat gelato after every meal. Going to Italy while I was 22 weeks pregnant may have been the best decision I’ve ever made ;).

Without a doubt, we left Lake Como with full hearts and tummies after probably the best sister trip to date! 👯 Definitely somewhere I would love to go back and take Andy some day (he was slightly jealous the entire time ;))

…Ciao for now, Lake Como! 👋🏼🇮🇹