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San Francisco

my SF favorites: what to do, where to eat, & what to wear.

There’s no hiding my love for San Francisco. It’s a city that I hadn’t spent a ton of time in, until my sister moved there 3 years ago… and now has quickly become one of my favorites. There’s a little bit of something for everyone. So many things to do…


september sunday in london.

Well hello there Monday, we meet again. Hope you all had a great weekend! We went into London yesterday for the day which was such a nice little treat. The last few weeks we’ve been staying in, cooking, and going through lots of TV shows (Stranger Things and the Night…

San Francisco

sister talk: our favorite SF coffee shops.

  One of our favorite things to do together, wherever we may be, is find cute coffee shops. We love to enjoy a yummy latte and pastry, scope out the scene (does it have great work vibes? Or is it more relaxing and loungey?), and just use the time to…


honeymoon diaries | part two.

I am still dreaming about our days in paradise and already asking Andy when we can go back! 😉 Our daily routine in the Maldives looked a little something like this. Wake up around 9, breakfast, lay on our private deck for a couple hours, lunch, lay on the beach by…


honeymoon diaries | part one.

Honey, I’m home! After 7.5 weeks of waiting for my UK visa to be processed, I am finally home with Andy and Roo! I had the best summer in San Francisco with my sister (and there may even be a few more SF posts comin’ your way ;)… but it…

San Francisco

urban hike.

In my opinion, the best way to really see a city is to walk it. And while San Francisco is known for it’s hilly landscape, wandering from one neighborhood to the next ends up turning into a full-blown hike. An urban hike if you will. Something that my sister and…